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Filler Post

November 29, 2010


Yeeeeeeeah, Holidays, college papers and relatives make for one heck of a writing environment. However, I WILL post tomorrow. In the mean time, please enjoy these nice pictures.

I am definitely doing a post on people fighting sharks one day.

1) Bring loli of mass-destuction to U.N. Headquarters.

2) Threaten them all with death and doom.

3) They laugh. I politely ask Flandre to demonstrate her powers on a dummy.

4) ???


Believe it or not, this picture is one of the reasons I’m getting back into Fantasy. I like the feel of it. I also like it because it’s practically the exact opposite of a Tolkien-fantasy.

Gee, I don’t know how much that scarf is doing for you if you’re wearing a skirt, Nue.

I wish I could do Watercolor this well. I really, really do.

If you get this image, you watch too much anime.


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One Comment
  1. Yeah, dude, take a break. You have a lot of nice posts so far, give yourself some time to recuperate!

    Anyhow, see you when you come back!

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